Hand Painted Murals & Shop Windows

Drawing on your walls is what I do best!
You can have an authentic hand painted mural, created by a professional artist for as low as $290.

Créations Kako creates original hand-painted murals directly on your walls or on giant seamless canvases.  Each mural is customized and perfectly integrated with your architectural environment, making it unique and original. Murals can be made indoors or outdoors as well as on shop windows.  


Adopt the timeless look of a hand-painted mural and let yourself be seduced by its amazing features:


Rich and vibrant colors

Real textures left by brush strokes

Gradients and shades that bring depth to the room

A captivating realistic effect

Positive reactions like "Wow!", "Awesome! I love it "


In an effort to avoid any unpleasant surprises, the total cost will be discussed and set before the beginning of the project. Preliminary sketches and color schemes will also be included in your quote.

The cost of a mural is estimated according to three criteria:


-the estimated realization time

-the complexity of the work

-the dimensions

Besides colors, themes or trends my goal is to create a space that works for your vision.

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